Self Drive - Oktoberfest

September - October 2019

This Oktober get intimate with Germany as you drive through the romantic roads discovering mind blowing natural beauty outside fairytale towns, big vibrant cities situated near villages that grow potato and bear rustic charm. Visit the Weisen, dressed up in traditional Bavarian clothes and indulge in a beer marathon. Take that Epic Roadtrip to Germany, pay a tribute to the tragic past of the nation while celebrating its historical significance and futuristic drive. PS : Don’t giggle at the shop vendors when they say “Gute Fahrt!” they only mean “Have a good trip!”

Day 01 & 02

Arrival in Frankfurt and Drive to Bamberg

Driving Distance: 215 Kms | Drive Time: 2:22 Hrs

With stories and sounds of a thousand years of history this is the perfect place to start. This place is a coming together of the old and new, you could explore the Romanesque, early gothic Imperial Cathedral, step into traditional brewery pubs or pick up a souvenir at modern shops housed in a historical atmosphere. Or, simply wander in enchantment through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamberg. To top it all you will be visiting castles, churches, museums, baths, traditional fairs, beautiful villages, and enjoy pure, un-spoilt nature.


Day 03 & 04

Drive to Pilsen

Driving Distance: 253 Kms | Drive Time: 2:45 Hrs

Don’t expect to start on a light stomach here because every cafe on the main square offer either coffee with massive cream cakes, or beer for breakfast. This MittelEuropa city houses the The Great Synagogue, third largest in the world or stroll pass the Renaissance Town Hall with a frontage adorned with beautiful graffiti. Tour the Pilsener Urquell Brewery, housing both the old 19th century brewery gleaming with copper cauldrons, and the 20th century brewery, with a glass exterior but still featuring copper cauldrons. Experience both culture and fun here.


Day 05 & 06

Drive to Prague

Driving Distance: 94 Kms | Drive Time: 1:22 Hrs

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Day 07 & 08 | Drive to Ceske Budejovice

Driving Distance: 149 Kms | Drive Time: 2:00 Hrs

Not many visitors to the Czech Republic get to see this fabulous destination! It has everything from Old towns to market square but without the crowds. You can sand and admire the Square of Přemysl Otakar II, right next to the magnificent Samson’s Fountain, a baroque-styled fountain surrounded by beautiful colourful buildings. Drive to one of the most beautiful and picturesque chateau in the Czech Republic - Hluboká Castle, hidden away in the town of Hluboká 20 minutes from Ceske Budejovice. After your visit here you will hear yourself saying there’s definitely more to Czechia than just Prague!

Day 09 & 10

Drive to Munich

Legend has it that the Devil himself assisted in building up The Church of our Lady? So much so he also left a foot print! More such stories and true events from the Nazi occupation await you at Munich, a stunning city embedded in German heritage. Rebuilt after the WWII, this city has clean streets and great food to offer. Sip on Hefeweizen while devouring a soft pretzel or chewing some sauerkraut at a communal table or indulge in a walking tour. Head up to the top of St Peter’s Church for a panorama down onto the square and out across the city and stir your emotions at the Dachau Concentration Camp that has documented 32,000 deaths. Or Park your car and head up to the Baumwipfelbad – the amazing wooden Sky Walk through the forest and its animal park, spotting local wild animals can be spotted


Day 11 & 12 | Drive to Rudesheim

Driving Distance: 448 Kms | Drive Time: 5:00 Hrs

This small town will steal your heart and make you fall in love all over again. Whether its a boat ride over the river Rhine or Stroll around Rüdesheim’s narrow streets and alleys decorated with cute little local shops or a tour of the Rheinstein Castle or a ride in the funicular, romance is spelt all over the town. The region is home to the white wine and you could also watch the making of traditional Rüdesheimer coffee blended with a local Aasbach brandy served in Rüdesheim, a cup that is specially designed for this beverage


Day 13

Depart from Frankfurt

After a fun-filled Oktoberfest, it is now time now to return back to India from Frankfurt, and start planning for the next trip with Epic Road Trips!